Sewing box

Sewing box decoupaged with paper, painted with chalkboard paint and decorated with the embellishments. The sewing box is an altered letter rack!

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Materials used

Tools used

  • Heat gun
  • decoupage glue
  • scissors

Paint the parts of the letter rack with the black and white paints. Paint black the sewing machine and the two round buttons from the softboard.

Sewing box 1

Glue the decoupage paper on the back and front racks.
Using the viva stamps and embossing powder, decorate the inner back side. Glue the sewing machine and place a little gear on the it.

Sewing box 2

Cut a 7cm x 24cm long piece of the cotton fabric. Fold about ½ cm on the long side and glue it. Then glue the fabric on the middle divider to create two pockets.

Sewing box 3

Glue the decoupage on the front side and decorate with the Viva stamp and embossing black embossing powder. Place a metallic embellishment and a flat back pearl in the center. Add the two round buttons, previously painted.

Sewing box 4

Assemble the letter rack according to the instructions provided in the package.

Cut two different size hearts from the cotton fabric. You will need two pieces for each heart. Glue around them, leaving only one side open and fill the hearts with more fabric to create pillows. Glue the remaining opening. Attach a metallic embellishment.

Sewing box 5


Sewing box

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