Christmas scene on a bark slice

Create a Christmas winter scene on a slice of bark with trees and a snowman that can be place on a table and decorate a Christmas corner of your home.


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Hot glue gun


Cover the bark slice with the structure paste.


Heavily cover with the ice crystals, press lightly to set the ice crystals and then remove the excess of them. Let the paste dry well.


Take one 40mm and one 35mm spun cotton balls and glue them together. Add black flatback pearls as eyes and a small bamboo skewer cutting as nose. Add the hat and a scarf from a small piece of ribbon.


Cut two 10cm bamboo skewers and glue the edges of a 14cm star bead trimming on them. Glue the wooden beads on the star beads.


Glue the skewers on the bark with some hot glue.


Cut a piece of Christmas ribbon and set it on the sleigh.


Place the trees and the snowman on the bark slice with the help of the hot glue gun.



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