Use a mosaic design rubber stamp to emboss clay and make a set of glazed covered earrings.


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  • Heat gun
  • Tweezers
  • No stick surface
  • Ruler



Lay some air dry clay on a non stick surface. Using two bamboo skewers (or any same thickness sticks) that will allow an even thickness of the clay, spread the clay into a size close to the size of the rubber stamp.


Stamp with the clay with the rubber stamp.


Use a ruler to mark and separate the tiles on the clay. (avoid using sharp blades that will damage the non stick surface). Let them dry.


Cover with the silver paint and let the paint dry well.


Light press on the watermark ink pad on the tiles and cover with the embossing glaze. Heat set the glaze.


Add a round bead on the corner of the tiles using the jewellery glue. Wait to set and continue to attach the rest.


Glue a hook (either using some wire or a cut to size eye pin). Add the earring hooks.

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