Create a faux look porcelain Christmas tree that is covered with wings and beads.


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Cast wings using the hot glue and the silicon mould. For this size 28pcs were used.


Start gluing the wings with some hot glue on the cone. Starting from the base of it.


Continue adding wings covering partially those on the lower part. Small gaps will be created and will be covered later.


When all wings are placed, colour them with the white paint.


Add details with partially colouring using the gold ink.


To fill the gaps among the wings, place some modeling paste in a small plastic bag, squeeze it to one corner and cut the edge. It will allow you to go inside the gaps easier without placing paste on the wings. In case you have a plastic small bottle with a nozzle you can use that.


Fill the gaps covered with the paste with beads.


The tree is glued on a glass tea-light candle holder that is colored internally with the gold paint.


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