Jewelry stand

Jewerly stand

Alter the MDF mini triptych into a small jewelry stand that can accommodate items on both of its sides.

Materials used
Tools used

Paint one side of the MDF triptych with the white color. Let it dry well and repeat.Jewelry stand 1

Using the Viva clear stamps and the ink pads stamp the designs on the white surface. Let it dry well.

Jewelry stand 2

On the blank side of the MDF pieces cut and glue the 12×12 paper. Make sure that the right side of the triptych has the right side of the paper on it.

Jewelry stand 3

Tear with your hand the all the sides of the image to be glued on the center of the triptych, distress it with the green shades inks and glue it on the central piece of the triptych.

Jewelry stand 4

Using the hole piercing tool, mark holes and set the screw eye balls. Place and fix a small of piece of wire between the two screw eye balls. This can be used to hand earrings and you can repeat the process making more places on any of the two sides of the mini triptych.

Jewelry stand 5

Take the metallic corners and slightly bend them in the center. Glue them with the jewelry glue. The corners now act like hangers for cords / necklaces.

Jewelry stand 6

Cut 1.5cm long pieces from the beechwood dowel and paint them with the Celadon ink. Let them dry and glue the on the triptych. These pieces will work well holding your rings. Adjust the number and place on both sides the hangers you prefer.

Jewelry stand 7

Finally, use the jute string to tie together the parts of the triptych.

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