Heart shaped box

What a better way to offer your handmade sweeties than a box stating, too,  what you feel for.
An acrylic heart shaped box can fit small sweeties and decorate a corner of the room after used.

A project made for Buddly Crafts. Find more inspiration in Buddly Crafts blog.

Materials used




Using the masking tape, divide the heart’s front in parts. Paint the heart with the chalkboard. It will need 3 layers for full coverage.



With the sponge dauber, add white paint on the Viva selected stamp and stamp on the heart in different places. Remember to refill the colour on the stamp before re-stamping.



When white paint on the front sets, remove the masking tape and turn the heart around. Using the sponge dauber again and sponge the two only clear stripes that created from removing the masking tape.



Ink lightly the front stamped image with the rhubarb ink.



Cut some silver wire (6-10cm pieces) and pass through 5 flowers of different sizes. Of course you can use more if you want. Secure with the round nose pliers.



Make a bow with the ribbon. (about 30cm of ribbon). Twist all the wires together and attach on the ribbon. Cut a 15cm pearl stung and glue on the back of the ribbon.



Pass a pearl brad and loosely secure to allow box to open and twist the two parts of it.



Hot glue the bow with the rest of the embellishments and add some rhinestones on the stamped designed.




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