Card making

Following the Canvas Corp crew challenge to create something inspired by a designer, this card uses the colours and the theme of a tea pot with matching cups by Caroline Hely Hutchinson.




The card is painted with Tattered angels mists using a paint brush. A small bag was used, where a tea bag was placed in combination to the Beverage tags from Canvas Home.
A simple and easy card making tutorial.


Materials used:




Tools used:

  • Glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft knife
  • Paint brush


Cut around the “Enjoy” tangle letters with the craft knife.
Paint the card and the “Enjoy” tangle with the mists using a paint brush.



Cut two stripes of dotted paper and black corrugated paper.



Glue the dotted paper first, then the black corrugated paper and on top the little bag.



Continue with the tangle. Add double sided tape and set the beverage tag. Put the tea bag in the little bag, place 2 pegs, make a bow with the wax cotton cord and attach it. Add two yellow/gold flat back pearls.






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