Use the leatherette fabric to make stripes that include a wire to allow forming them. The stripes can be turned to earrings, a pendant or a necklace by adding more together.


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Cut a 12x10cm (or two 6x10cm – read below) piece of the leatherette fabric and mark to the back side 1cm width lines to half of the fabric. (It makes 6 stripes).


Cut about 14cm long pieces of the wire, straight them as possible and secure with a piece of tape to the middle of the above 1cm wide marks.


Cover with the glue, let the glue set for a few minutes and fold in half. (at this point, it will be easier to have two 6x10cm long pieces to place on top of the other, as folding the edge requires longer and higher pressure to set). Let them dry well.


Cut 1cm width stripes.

Curve them to the desired shape, starting from bottom edge to top (where the wire extends).


Add a silver bead and use a round nose plier to bend the wire creating a ring.


Start sewing beads using the silver bead as the base. Try to add volume to cover the ring edge and mainly to one side of the stripe. Combine two stripes and using a jump ring secure them on an earring hook.

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