Baby pillow boxes

Baby pillow boxes made of kraft C-flute paper and decorated with papers and tags from Snips and Snails collection.

Can be used for baby showers and baptism favors, greeting cards (with the tag made to match boxes) or to place a gift card, pocket money for a little child.

Fill them with candies and offer them to children on a occasion or add a small toy in them.

Materials used


Tools used

  • Craft knife
  • Vinyl glue
  • Hot glue gun

It is generally an easy and fan project to make as you can use various embellsments and create different designs on boxes.

After you cut the baby pillow boxes on kraft C-flute paper, first decorate with some ribbon or canvas stripes in the length of the box and then glue the paper tags from the Snips and Snails collection.

The box flat design, measures 21cm (8.25in) x 17.5cm (7in). It fits in a A4 page where you create a pattern and then trash it on the kraft papers.

Paper cards can be used and altered to match the baby pillow boxes. The cards are cut from a 300gram paper.

Baby pillow boxesBaby pillow boxesBaby pillow boxesBaby pillow boxes


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