On the Agenda – wooden cover, which can be also used on notebooks, handmade books decorated with paint mists, acrylic volume gel, canvas, tags and stamps. The gel can be applied on paper surfaces, especially hardcover ones, allowing same techniques and materials to be used.

A project made for the Canvas Corp “On the agenda” theme.

Materials used

Tools used

  • Heat gun
  • Vinyl glue
  • Paint brush


Remove the cover from the notepad.

First add the gel in large amount. Spray it with the mists and with the help of a paint brush stroke lines.

When finish with that, take the tags and the label holders and firmly set them on the surface before it dries.



Take stripes of canvas and glue them on the cover in layers, by adding colour before placing the next one. Let it dry, or speed the process with the help of a heat gun.



Stamp with clear ink your preferred stamps and emboss with silver embossing powder.

Glue the wooden letters, paper clips and pearls.


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