A medium size wooden box decorated with pearls and diamonds is perfect as a gift for jewelries or small items.

This is project for monthly craft challange at Cuddly Buddly.

What you will need:


Before I start painting the box I find it helpful to remove the hinges and the lock. If you can manage it with them on, then just start painting the box with the white pearl colour.

Make light shadows with the black paint. Let it dry.

Stamp the left side of the box with Viva’s vintage couture lady using the clear ink.

Remove stamp, sprinkle with silver embossing powder and set design with your heat gun.

Take the crispy lace ribbon and carefully glue it with your heat gun at the right side of the box.

Don’t forget to cut at the edges to allow opening of the box.

Do the same with the scalloped lace. Glue it aside to the crispy one.

Pass some small beads though the silver wire and secure the with a little glue. Curve them and shape them.

Cut 2 x 8-9cm long pieces of the ribbon and glue them to form drops. Cut one 15cm long piece too.

Start placing your embellishments. First position the ribbon “drops”. Then the cut a 20cm long 4mm pearl strung and place on the top of the ribbons forming a drop as the photo below.

Do the same with the 2.5mm pearl strung and place it on top of the thicker one.

Follow decoration by adding the flowers, the beads on the wire and finish with rhinestones.

Glue around the lower part of the box some satin ribbon and decorate with rhinestones.


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