Key hangers

Winter key hangers is a  quick last minute gift for all ages and a perfect one for children. Create these key hangers and place them in a handmade packaging.

Use the key ring to hang on the Christmas tree or on a gift.


Materials used


Tools used

  • Pliers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Use the jump rings and some chain to set the charm.

Cut about 12cm of the cotton cord, pass a jump ring, fold and pass the beads through both ends. Make a loop at the end; cut the excess cord.



Print and cut to digi stamps.

Cut 2 pieces of the white card paper in dimensions of 16 x 6cm.

Distress all with the ink pads.



Turn the card paper cuttings on the back side and score vertically 7cm from each long side edges. Glue some ribbon on the front side and place a digi stamp.




Fold and place the key hanger inside, leaving the key ring out of the packaging. Glue on top, left and right of the ring. You can hold it from there, tie a bow or hang it on Christmas tree, gift etc.


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