Handmade Christmas book

Handmade Christmas book using two wooden door hangers as book covers.

Using Christmas themed scrapbooking paper create pages pages and little pockets to write your wishes on. Decorate a corner in your house or even hang it on a door.

Embellish with charms and ribbons and create a unique piece for a gift.

Materials used


Tools used

  • Glue
  • Heat gun
  • Screwdriver

Paint the door hangers with the maya gold paint.



Place the two hangers aside and set the hinge in the middle of them.



Use the script stamp and the embossing powder to decorate the front side of the hanger.



Cut a 16cm x 6cm piece of the decorated paper. Accordion fold it every 1.2cm



Turn it at the back and start glueing together the pleats.



Cut from the paper pad 2 pieces of 14.5cm x 6cm and one 12.5cm x 12cm. Fold the last in half on the long side.



Fold about 2cm the right side of the 14.5cm long paper. Decorate with the ribbon and the wooden embellishments which are painted with the maya gold paint.



Turn it around. Place a piece of the jute. Glue the flap on top and bottom only, creating a pocket. Stamp a tag, add some ribbon and placed it in the pocket.



Glue the folded in half paper to on left and bottom side, creating a pocket opening on the right. Cut a bit smaller paper, distress it with the gold paint and place it in the pocket. You can add your text here or replace it with another card.



Fold about 2cm the second 14.5cm long paper again on the right side. Add metallic embellishments. Distress a card with gold paint and stamp – emboss it.



Turn it to the other side. Glue top and bottom only of the flap. Stamp and piece of cardstock, add a stamp sentiment and some ribbon. Place the card in the pocket



On the inside cover glue some paper from the pad and embellish it with metallic stars and a printed digital stamp.



Glue first the accordion shaped paper on the right inner of the hanger and then using two flaps of it glue and hold the pages.
Decorate the front cover with the fabric flower and the metallic embellishments.







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