Kids coloring books

Create kids coloring books with a pencils/pens holder to take anywhere with.

The pencils holder has an elastic ribbon that can fit to any other book or notepad, while it can work as book binder too. Pens are kept in place and always kept with the book.

Use digital stamps, acrylic stamps to alter the pages or add puzzles, images or stories inside to make a book that will keep busy and educate the kids.

Kids coloring books open

Materials used

Tools used

Paper glue, hot glue gun, hole puncher

Download and print the digital files. If you can edit the images, you can mix and match before printing.  You will need one A4 page of each design for the cover and one for the back cover.

You can print digital stamps in half A4 page for coloring.

Kids coloring books 1


Cut 4 pieces of 22,5×16,5cm of the greyboard. Cut in half the A4 pages with the digital stamps printed on. You can include blank pages too.

Kids coloring books 2


Glue the cover papers on the greyboards.

Kids coloring books 3


Punch holes on covers and on pages. Add eyelets on covers.

Kids coloring books 4


Cut 2 pieces of 12x12cm if the kraft-tex paper. Fold in half creating a folder.

Kids coloring books 5


Mark 1.5cm spaces starting at 0.5cm from the edge. Cut a 14cm long piece from the elastic ribbon. Fold inside the edge at about 2cm and set with the rivets. Continue adding rivets on the marks. Keep the ribbon loose between the pockets you create.

Kids coloring books 6


Remember to turn the kraft-tex paper to other side to secure the rivets before proceeding to the next one. End the ribbon folding again before setting the two final rivets.

Kids coloring books 7


When finished with the rivets. Cut a 20cm long piece of the elastic ribbon. Glue it inside the kraft-tex folder. Now,fold and glue well on the 3 sides.

Kids coloring books 8


Set a book ring on the rivet set ribbon finish and a metal D-ring on the last placed ribbon.

Kids coloring books 9


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