Working with the creative MEDIUM on some of my projects, I noticed how it shows when it gets dry on the craft mat. Combining the non stick feature of Imagine’s craft  mat with the elasticity of the creative MEDIUM, I thought it could create a new kind of material to work, far from covering inks, papers and other surfaces. Leaving a thick coat of the creative MEDIUM on the craft mat, it gives you a material for dimensional creation. The roses crafted with it can be part of decoration on a festive table, attached on gift boxes, gifted as they are, or be an inspiration to use on various craft projects. The creative MEDIUM can be also mixed with other Imagine’s paint to make colorful flowers.


Find step by step instructions on how to make rose petals and flowers in Imagine’s blog


Imagine supplies
Other supplies
  • Thin branches
  • Faux/fabric rose leaves
  • Florist brown tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun



Use a palette knife to lay a thick layer of creative MEDIUM on the craft mat making circles. Let the creative MEDIUM dry well. For each rose you will need 7 circles/petals.



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