DIY mix media notepad

Make a notebook from the scratch with a mix media cover that can hold blank or decorate pages. The cover pages steps can be also used to create a book, following a different book binding method.




Tools used

  • Hot glue gun
  • Paintbrush
  • Palette knife
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Sponge dabber


Cut two 20x20cm pieces from the greyboard.


Place double sided tape around the grey boards and in the center. Cut two pieces 25x25cm from the fabric and glue it on the board.


Cut the excess of the fabric, leaving about 2xm from each side.


Trim the corners of the fabric allowing a 3mm distance from the corner for the board.


Place tape on the edges of the fabric, fold and glue to the other side of the board (inner side)


Cut two pieces 19x19cm from the fabric and glue to the inner side of the boards to cover them completely.


Take some structure paste and Viva Decor chalky petrol paint and using a palette knife make strokes and distress the covers.


Use a sponge dabber and the cobblestones stencil to colour parts of the covers with the chalky aqua paint.


Draw circles with some glue and carefully glue the twine.


Colour two wooden hearts with the metallic paint.


Glue leaves on top of the twine circles, distress with some structure paste and add a round filigree embellishment. Disteres that too with the paste.


Make bunches of stemens, glue them on top and continue with the heart.


Add structure paste in various places on the cover and place beads. Add the flowers and the metallic leaves.


Glue the second heart and embellish with more metallic parts.


For the covers, push the 4 first pins and pull the rest. Pull the slide rule ¼ in and punch the covers top and bottom by reversing.


Cut 40 pages (or more) 19,5×19,5cm. Retain the pin settings but push to the closing position the ruler, leaving just the slight gap that can be set without step positioning. Punch the blank pages. Place the pages in the wires, then the front cover and the back with the inner side facing up. Cinch when finish all.


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