Handmade clock

Handmade clock by altering a round box. Decorate it with gears and wires in black and white colours giving an industrial look.

This handmade clock can decorate an office space and given as a male gift too.


Materials used


Tools used

  • Round nose pliers
  • Glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Awl
  • Warding file (optional)

Open a hole in the center of the box lid with the help of an awl. Use a wardening file to match the diameter of the clock mechanism. If you don’t have a wardening file, slowly expand the hole with a craft knife.

Clock box 1


Paint the box black and the lid white with the chalkboard paints. Second hand of paint maybe necessary.

Clock box 2


Using the awl, open holes on the side of the box. Make sure that they are placed at least 1.5cm from the top edge, so they don’t prevent lid to be placed later.

Clock box 3


Pass some wire through the holes and secure on the outside edges with the round pliers. Twist some wire like springs.

Clock box 4


Carefully glue gears on the bottom of the box and on the wires. Add rivets too. Paint the tiny wooden letters with the white paint and glue them inside the box.

Clock box 5


Use the gear stamp and emboss the design with the black embossing powder on the lid. Match the big gear’s center with the hole in the center. Add rivets instead of numbers and the clock mechanism. Pass a light cover of white paint on the black design to allow better view of the black clock hands.

Clock box 6

You can keep the box and lid in place when it is open by placing one magnet on the side of the clock mechanism and one on the side of the box (in it) where both pieces are attached (as in the main photo) This will not be visible when the box is open.

Your handmade clock can stand on the round side by carefully placing the wires to prevent spining.


Handmade clock on a box


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