Quick and easy to make and many ways to be used  was my thinking behind these  Christmas gift tags. You can write your message, include a gift card in the pockets, decorate a gift or even place them as ornaments on the tree.

Use the beautiful Canvas Corp papers collection to make your unique cards.


Materials used:
Canvas Corp – Hunter Green Patchwork on White Paper
Canvas Corp – Red Patchwork on White Paper
Canvas Corp – Cards/Envelopes Skinny (8) White
Canvas Corp – Cards/Envelopes Skinny (8) Kraft
Canvas Corp – Cord- Jute Balls Natural 225′
Jump rings
Star shape die

Cut a skinny card in 3 equal parts on the long side and fold, creating little cards.


Cut the 4″x6″designs in half a trim about 1/2in on the long side.


Die cut a star on one of the little card sides and trim 1/4in from top. This side will be the front.


Stamp inside the card with your favourite stamp. (optional step). It will be nice for the recient to see a message when removes the printed paper cutting.


Glue the little cards to the long only sides, creating pockets and place the printed ones inside.


Wrap some jute cord around the pockets and embellish with charms and stamps.

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