Christmas garland of stars

Christmas garland of stars on hemp rope with handmade tassels can decorate any place of your house.

MDF star shapes are partialy covered with CCB papers and aluminiun foil and distressed with a mix of TA paints and heavy structure paste. Hemp rope is used to make tassels that are part of the top binding decoration with the rope chain, using some bold red satin ribbon.


Materials used

MDF star shapes

CCB paper Black & White Life Newsprint

CCB Tissuestock 12×12 – Damask on Ivory

Cord – Hemp Jute Rope Light Natural Hank 14′

Cord – Twisted Hemp Rope Natural/White Hank 5′

Cord- Jute Balls Natural 225′

Tattered angels Baseboard Mist Paint – Coal

Tattered angels Baseboard Mist Paint – Clay

Tattered angels Simply Sheer – Bold Red (Plain Jane)

Tattered angels Glimmer Mist – Sugar Maple

Heavy structure paste

Aluminium foil

Metallic embellishments

Red satin ribbon


Tools used

Craft knife
Pallete knife


Paint the stars using the baseboard paint.

Christmas garland of stars 1


Glue CCB paper cuttings, tissue paper and aluminiun foil.

Christmas garland of stars 2


Messy mix the heavy structure paint with TA mists and distress with the help of a pallete knife the surface of the stars. Let them dry well.

Christmas garland of stars 3


Tie some burlap rope around the stars. Fix at the top back.

Christmas garland of stars 4


Cut about 4in (10cm) long pieces from the twisted hemp rope. Untwist from both sides, fold in half and use some burlap rope to secure them, creating tassels.

Christmas garland of stars 5


Make a bow with the red satin ribbon, binding together the rope (used a chain) and the tassels. Add metallic charms.

Christmas garland of stars 6


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  1. Love this Kyr. I am going to try this on some left over MDF bauble shapes (Kaiser) to string a wreath for our market stall at Christmas time next year. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

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