Teal light candle holders

Decorate your outdoor table with tea light candle holders with a handwritten word on them in a very easy to make project. Choose an empty glass and using your hot glue gun write a word directly on it. Use some masking tape to cover parts of the glass, creating a stripes effect easily, to further decorate the glass surface.


When you finish with the tape and the glue, cover the whole surface with your favorite StazOn color using a sponge dauber. Let it dry well and then repeat with irRESISTible wedding dress color in the inside of the glass for an opaque look. Alternatively, leave only the StazOn color for a more transparent result.


Imagine supplies
Other supplies
  • Hot glue gun
  • Masking tape
  • Small Glass candle holders


Write the love word on the glass with the help of the hot glue gun and use masking tape to cover other parts of it.


Use the StazOn Teal blue inkpad and a sponge dauber and color the glass. Remove the masking tape and the hot glue word once the color dries well.


Use some white paint and a sponge dauber for a frost effect in the inside of the glass to create an opaque style or leave the Teal color for a transparent result.

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