Summer fun moments with a game that can be played by everyone in the family and making it can also be a project with kids. Having a lot of canvas wooden wedges, for once more, it was time to alter them in domino pieces, a bit different from the usual ones, giving a distinct way when lining them while playing. Colored with bright Fireworks! colors that give a fun summer mood and make them easy to spot when you are at the beach playing on the sand. The dots on domino pieces are made with Radiant Neon Amplify! colors and heat set to add volume. A quick and easy fabric pouch colored with Fireworks! keeps them safe and easy to take them with you.


Find step by step instructions in Imagine’s blog.


  • Canvas wooden wedges (28 pieces)
  • Sandpaper
  • Cotton fabric
  • Heat tool
  • A4 pages
  • Satin ribbon


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