Keeping travel memories the time they are taking place and having them all gathered in a journal is the best way to keep every moment and piece of your trip. Include blank pages, make pockets and keep tickets, notes and photos in this handmade travel journal.

To make the cover, I used Kraft-tex paper, which a fabric like paper, which I sprayed with INK POTION no.9 instead of water to keep it soft and allow better performance of inks. Stamping with the StazOn PIGMENT ink pads gave great coverage and sharp design on the wrinkled surface, while ink dried fast to allow moving to the next step.


Find all the steps with photos in Imagine’s blog



  • Kraft-tex paper fabric – natural
  • Canvas
  • Viva decor – Travel and Paris, Rome, Berlin stamps
  • Black elastic cord
  • Red twine
  • Burlap cord
  • Blank pages
  • Heat tool
  • Piercing tool


Spray with INK POTION No 9 the Kraft-tex paper for a smooth result on stamping.

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