Ribbon earrings

DIY earrings with ribbon tutorial

A set of ribbon earrings that can be crafted in a very short time and be a last minute saver for a gift. The ribbons used have wire edges that can be shaped perfectly for this project. It adds volume to the earring and keeps the shape of the flower created.

It is very light and can be also created on rings or added on other items as an embellishment.


Materials used


Tools used

  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Glue

Cut 30cm long piece of the Violet metallic ribbon. Hold one side of the ribbon and fold in about 2.5cm pleat, then leave about the same and fold again. Repeat to create 6 “petals”. Sew in the center.

Ribbon earrings 1


Follow the same procedure with the Rose coloured ribbon, which is about 25cm long.
Secure in the center with the thread.

Ribbon earrings 2


Sew the ribbon flowers on the ear clips.

Ribbon earrings 3


Add a pearl rose in the center with some glue. Use a pen through the folded ribbon to round it and add volume.

Ribbon earrings 4

Ribbon earrings


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