Christmas teddy bear ornament

Make a personalised Christmas ornament with the initial letter of a (little or big!) kid to hang on the Christmas tree, decorated with a small teddy bear.

Use the ornament to decorate a gift package, a bag, a stocking sock, place it on a door Christmas wreath or decorate any place in the house.


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Materials used


Tools used


Print a small black piece of heavyweight paper on the laser printer. Follow the instructions to cut the desired letter with the punch board.


Use the hot foil applicator to cover the letter. Punch a hole on one of the sides.


Cut a small piece of the satin ribbon and tie a bow on the teddy bear.


Cut a 35cm long piece from the tartan ribbon and tie a bow. Use the jute string to set the pearls on it.


Continue with the letter, setting it with the 3mm satin ribbon.


Finally, set the teddy bear and a tiny wooden house on the red satin ribbon.




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