Baby girl wooden letters

Wooden letters connected together with hinges. The wooden letters are painted with black matte paint and each of one is decorated with paper or canvas.

Stamps and stencils were used to decorate the fabric, add little details on the papers and write the words on.

Metallic red stars were glued on the fabric.

Colours are a bit far away for the common baby colours like light pink and whites, giving a chance for these wooden letters to be kept for more in a girl’s room.

Materials used


It is a very easy to do project with few steps to follow.

Colour first the letters and let them dry well. You don’t need to paint the front side of the them.

Glue well the papers and the fabric. Use the stencils and the stamps to decorate.

Place the wooden letters on a flat surface and mark where the hinge will be placed. First screw the one side and the then set the wooden letters aside to make sure that the sit well together.

One hinge per two letters was used as it is more than enough to hold them.




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