A hanging wooden shaped heart decorated with birds, beads and paper flowers can be a perfect gift for someone special or decorate a door, a window or corner of your room with the warm touch of wood.

Below you can find full description of the project and link to the materials used.

View a large photo of the final project at the end of the tutorial.

Materials used:

Cut a medium size bird design from the decoupage paper kit to fit the size of the wooden heart.



Paint the wooden heart with white paint and make light shadows with the brown one.
Glue the bird design in the middle of the heart.



Cut from the copper wire 3 x 8cm and 3 x 10cm long pieces. You will also need smaller ones to place among the paper flowers, which in this case is 5 pieces. Of course you add more as you decorate your heart.

Use your pliers to bend the end of each wire in order to keep the beads from falling.

Pass the beads into the wires and secure with a little glue (I used a hot glue gun) the final bead.


Bend and/or  twist your wires to match best the shape of the heart.
Glue them in the middle bottom of the birds with a hot glue gun.
Add a metallic corner charm.



Cut 2 x 5cm long brown ribbon and 1 x 7cm long olive ribbon and shape drops.



Pass two 40cm long brown and olive ribbons to the top hole and tie them.
Pass a 30cm long chain through the hole, secure and let it fall to the side of the heart.
Have another 10cm long chain that will be used to hand the heart.

Start adding the flowers and the shorter wires with the beads at the lower part of the heart.


Wooden heart

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