Alter a wooden frame to a jewellery stand that holds earrings on cord strings. Add wooden game pieces to make hooks for a few necklaces or bracelets and rings. Cover the removable back with fabric and decorate with a stencil and inks.


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Cut a 25x30cm piece of the fabric and heavily crumble it.


Lay it flat and place the wings stencil. Use a sponge dauber to colour the edge or the design with the Memento grape jelly ink pad. 


Continue with the lulu lavender colour.


Finish colouring with the angel pink ink pad.


Use the brayer roller and the Memento tuxedo black to lightly distress around the wing design by soft pressing the roller on it.


Glue the fabric on the removable part, stretching it and securing it to the back with hot glue.


Paint the frame with the snow white paint. Let it dry and use the stencil and the same ink pads used on fabric to decorate the side of the frame.


Sand a couple of the round wooden game pieces to the side to create a small flat one. (one or two depending how many hooks you would like to create)


Paint with the snow white colour.


Place screw eye balls to the side of the frame keeping the same distance. Stretch and tie a cord.


Hot glue the flat sided wooden piece to the front and the rest on the side of the frame.


Add three to the bottom side of the frame for use as ring holders.


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