Create a wooden tree with in gold and white shades using wooden circles that are colored in white and gold shades. Use more than one colors to create a colorful tree, add more circles to make it taller and adjust it to your decoration style.


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  • Hot glue gun
  • Heat tool
  • Craft knife



Color 14 large circles, 16 medium circles and 20 small circles with the white paint on both sides.


Color about half of the above with the gold paint.


Stamp with VersaMark and the swirls stamp, cover with the gold embossing powder and heat set on half of the white circles, on both sides.


Lay the circles and form the desired shape of the tree. Make sure that the the circlels connect with other ones, smaller or larger. When you are satisfy with the design, use the hot glue gun to join the circles together. Start from the bottom, taking the ones on the top, placing glue and then pressing on the same position to connect with the rest.


Add metallic stars with the hot glue gun.


Cut a thick line in one of the corks on the long side, about half of its diameter. Color this and two more in gold paint.


Place some glue and press the cut cork to the bottom circles of the circle in the middle of the tree base. Add two more corks to support standing the tree.


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