Made for Canvas Corp – Save a recipe theme, this canvas bag can hold up to 20 recipe cards. It is decorated with inks, canvas shapes and burlap. Cutlery used is metallic.

Find materials and a tutororial on how to make below.
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Materials used

  1. Canvas rectangle shape
  2. Vintage recipe cards
  3. Burlap fringe
  4. Tattered Angels Spicy Mustard and Cardboard mists
  5. Black ink
  6. Stamp – Savor the moment
  7. Alphabet stamps
  8. Canvas pieces
  9. Cutlery embellishments
  10. Hemp rope
  11. Satin ribbon – brown, 12mm
  12. Lace

Tools used

  1. Glue gun
  2. Vinyl glue
  3. Craft knife
  4. Scissors
  5. Sponge dauber


Separate the two sides of the canvas rectangle shape at the long side by cutting the thread.


Use vinyl or decoupage glue to seal the edges from fraying. Do the same on all sides.


Using a sponge, the cardboard and the spicy mustard mists create light shades on the canvas.

Cut a 7cm x 5.5cm piece of canvas, stamp it with the Savor the Moment stamp and black ink.
Cut a canvas in circle of 6cm diameter. Stamp “MENU” using the clear alphabet stamps.
Finally cut a 10cm x 8cm piece of canvas and fray on the long sides.
Using the mists paints and a sponge make light shades on the edges of the shapes.

Cut a 17cm long stipe of the burlap fringe and cut in half at long. Paint with the cardboard mist.


Stamp with blank ink and the script stamp to the bottom side of the canvas bag.


Glue all the pieces and embellishments on the bag.


Punch a hole on 10 recipe cards and tie with some hemp cord. Place the cards in the bag.





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