Valentine's day Card

Table decoration mathing a Valentine’s day card using black and white colors and bold red colored hearts. Easy and quick to make table decoration.

Materials used


Tools used
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush


From the big check paper cut the following per person: 1pc 5x2in for the napkin ring, 1pc 4x2in for the cutlery holder, 2pc of 3in diameter circles. A piece of white cardstock 7in long and just less than 4in wide.


Cut for two hearts from the a piece of white cardstock and use them as stencils when spraying with the Bold red mist


Paint the wooden hearts with the High impact paint. Let them dry.Glue the 4x2in checker on sides only on the white cardstock. Cut a piece of the Newsprint paper, glue on the it and continue with the hearts. Add a rhinestone.


Glue the hearts used for stencil on the round coasters


Valentine's day table decor

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