Make a battery operated night light for the child’s room that can be placed on top of a shelf.

Add a removable bear for playing time and adapt to the colours of your choice.


Find all the materials and more inspiration in Buddly Crafts






  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue
  • Sponge dauber
  • Paint brush



Paint the box frames with the white colour and the inside of them with the light blue colour.


Use a paint brush to make white clouds, use the structure paint to add dimension.


Use a sponge dauber to distress both the clouds and the frames with the silver sterling colour.


Add the stars and the rhinestones on the large box.


Colour the wooden letters with the danube blue ink pad. Let them dry well.


Glue the wooden letters, the stars and the rhinestones on the small wooden cloud box.


To make the swing for the bear cut a 5cm x 15cm long piece of the jute fabric. Cut two about 40cm long pieces of the satin ribbon. Lay the satin ribbon and fold the edges of the jute fabric about 1,5 cm.


Glue the satin ribbon edges to the back of the box with hot glue. The swing is about 15cm from the topmost point where the ribbon is glued.


Turn the small wooden cloud box to the back and start setting the led light by gluing with hot glue. To make the hot glue cold quickly and flat, use a metallic ruler (or any other metallic surface) to press it.


Finally glue the two cloud boxes together to the bottom side of their frames. Place the bear.





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