Shaker fairy card

Fairy dust captured in a shaker card in teal and light blue colours that shares the magic of fairies.






Stamp the card with the round design and the tree different ink pads.


Cut a tracing paper 2cm smaller than the card front.


Use some masking tape to set the square shaker card front on the tracing paper. Turn around and mark with a pencil the size of the window that needs to opened.


Use a craft knife to cut the window on the tracing paper.


Colour the pipe rope with the VersaColor celadon ink pad.


Set a piece of the sticky double tape on the right middle side of the card to position the tracing paper. Add sticky double sided tape on all sides of the square shaker card front. Glue only the 3 sides. From the 4th side, insert the beads and sequins. Remove the protection tape and glue this side too.


Cut a 14cm long chevron stripe ribbon, fold and glue. Continue with top to bottom long piece of the white swirls and leaves ribbon. Glue the pipe cord around the shaker front.


Cut the fairy from the card with a craft knife.


Glue the fairy on top of the ribbons.


Cut a small piece of the swirls and leaves ribbon following the design and glue the pieces on the square bubble front.


Continue adding satin ribbon roses.



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