Make a Christmas angel ornament covered with lace and feathers and wings made of clay.


Find all the materials and more inspiration in Buddly Crafts





Use the silicone mould to cast two wings of clay. When they dry, paint with the white paint.


Colour the half top of the wooden figure with the white paint.


Cut 5-6cm long pieces of the laces and trim the edges to chevron shape.


Fold half to the long side and again to the long middle the lace cuttings


Start gluing the laces and the feathers on the wooden figure, in layers leaving about 2cm from the head.


Cover the remaining part up to the head with some cotton crochet lace only.


Add the wings to the side, slightly turning backwards and a metallic star.


Cut 5 drops from the pearl string and glue the edges together to form a circle. Attach it to the head of the wooden figure.


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