Use 2 flat rocking horse shapes to create a dimensional decorative rocking horse. Decorate with stamps, jute cord and lace and craft a special gift for a children’s room.

Use the 3D horse to place a small gift or make the connection part larger for a small bear and give it as a gift for a newborn child. 


Find all the materials and more inspiration in Buddly Crafts





Colour the rocking horse shapes on both sides with the sky blue paint. 


Cut lollipop sticks at 6.5cm long pieces (5 in total) and 2 at 4.5cm long.


Set them aside, and use the two shorter to attach them together. This will be the connecting part for the two flat horse shapes.


Paint them with the sky blue colour.


Use the dot stencil to decorate the horse shapes on both sides with the Paradise and the Titanium white colours.


Cut a 6-7cm long piece of the lace ribbon, make pleats and glue it on the horse. Repeat to the second horse shapes making sure that you place the lace to the opposite (facing) side of the wooden shape.


Glue the connecting part (lollipop sticks made of) onto the one wooden shape and repeat carefully by to the other one.


Cut the wooden sticks about a bit less than 4.5cm and cover them by wrapping around them with some jute cord.


Add some jute cord on the head of the horses and place the one end to the back of the head leaving it loose.


Wrap some jute cord around the legs of the horse and attach between the two shapes the wooden sticks previously made.


Decorate with some satin and ric rac ribbons.

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