No sew makeup tote

Make a no-sew makeup tote with a zipper in a small size that can fit in any bag. Alter the size for a larger one and decorate with inks, stamps and rhinestones.

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Materials used
Tools used

Scissors or Craft knife


Cut a piece of fabric 30x20cm

No sew makeup tote 1


Using the textile glue, set the split zipper parts to the edges of the short parts. Make sure that the zipper sides face each other and the FRONT side is glued on the fabric. The zipper should be a bit longer than the fabric piece. Let it dry.

No sew makeup tote 2


Place a zipper slider and zip. Fold and align the zipper in the middle of the tote. Place glue on the open sides, press and let it dry. Open the zipper (now inside the tote) and turn the inside out. All glued edges are not hidden inside the makeup tote.

No sew makeup tote 3


Stamp with black ink and the Viva feathers and script stamps. Stamp the back side too.

No sew makeup tote 4


Embellish the makeup tote with the round stud rivets and the rhinestones.

No sew makeup tote 5

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