A necklace made of metallic daisies, pearls and wire exclusively crafted for Cuddly Buddly May’s project and challange . You can find more information here. Full details on how to make the necklace can be found here, too.

Here is what you will need:

Start by cutting 5 x 50cm long pieces of the jewellery wire. Punch 5 x 38mm daisy flowers (large), 6 x 25mm flowers (medium) and 9 x 15mm flowers (small) with the corresponding punches sizes.



With a piercing tool, open holes in the middle of all flowers.



Pass a pin through a 6mm black pearl, a bead cap and a large flower x 5 times
Pass a pink through a 6mm black pearl, a small flower and a medium size flower x 6 times
and finally pass a pin through a 4mm black pearl and a small flower x 3 times.


Using the round nose plier, turn the pin to form a circle and secure the flower. Cut the excess length of the pin. Do the same with all flowers.



At this point, arrange where about your flowers will be placed. Then, take a wire and pass it through the back of the flower. For this necklace, each of the 4 wires has 2 flowers, 1 wire has 5 flowers and the right large flower holds all the wires.

(please note that the following images are for instructions purpose to show the procedure as the length of wire is not the correct one.)



Pull the edges of the wire to secure the flower in place.



When all flowers are placed, cut about 10cm all wires from both sides and secure them with cord clasp.



From the satin black leaves ribbon have 3-4 leaves long cuts and glue them on the wires close to the flowers.



Cut 2 x 20cm long chains, fold the in half, add jump rings at the ends and fix them on the cord clasps. Place the hood clasp on the one of the chains.

Daisies necklace

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