Alter wooden pieces into little angels with metallic wings and feathers that can decorate a Christmas corner, a festive table or become a gift during the holiday season.


Find this project with all materials listed in Buddly Crafts magazine





  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors



Paint the wooden game pieces with the white paint. Repeat for a better coverage.


Glue around the body of the game pieces some lace and then vertically add few squares pearl beads.


Wrap around the head of the game piece wire 4-5 times to create same size circles and twist the ends to secure.


Glue the wire to the opposite side of the previously glue square pearl beads. This will be the back where the wings will be placed.


Cut 7-8cm long pieces of the lace and then cut in the long middle. Tie around the game pieces on the “neck” place.


Add the metallic wings.


Continue with the feathers.


Repeat on all pieces, adding the small wings to the small game pieces.


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