A fluffy Christmas tree made of white feather strings and white lace flowers is an alternative way to decorate for Christmas, but still impressive. Add a quick to make flowers light string to match the tree.





  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo skewer



Cut small pieces of the feather stings of about 3-4cm long.


Separate the lace flower from the string.


Use the hot glue to set the feather on random place on the cone.


Fill the gaps with the 5-petal flowers using the hot glue gun too


Add beads and sequins using the jewellery glue.



For the lights stings

Cut 5-petal flower from the lace as many as the bulbs on the lights string.


Use a bamboo skewer to make an opening in the center of the 5-petal flowers.


Place a flower on each bulb. The lace will tight a bit, keeping the flower on the light. Alternatively, just a drop of hot glue will set the flower.


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