Decorate a T-shirt with this step by step tuturial. Use your paper crafting materials to create a unique design for your own T-shirt. Easy to make with basic tools and adapted to your style, a project made for Buddly Crafts.

Materials used on “Heart me” – decorate a T-shirt

Tools used on “Heart me” – decorate a T-shirt

Instructions on decorate a T-shirt project

Create the design of your choice by marking it on the T-shirt with a pencil. Use the die and the rubber stamp to set the exact place on the design.

Before starting paint, consider what will go first to be painted. That means designs like letters or light colours should be first, as black paint will cover them.



Place a hard surface under the front side of the T-shirt and secure it, a bit stretched with binders. A large acrylic block will do the work, as in the photo below.



Stamp with the gears stamp, using clear ink and the black embossing powder. In this point, please consider replacing the embossing powder with a black (washing safe) ink, as embossing powder may give a more sharp result, but it is not safe to iron on it.
It is washing safe, as it melts above 120o C.



Use the red fabric paint and the stencil to write the desired letters.
Mark with a pencil and a ruler a line to help placing stencil.
IMPORTANT! remove well the excess paint from the paint brush to avoid leaking under the stencil.  Use the suggested brush from the products links. Apply paint vertically on the stencil like damping it.



Continue with the rest design.



Use the die and a 160gr page to cut the chevron. Depending on your fabric, you can use directly the die on it. Damp again with the Marabu paints. (Chevrons in the photo made prior to large black area)



Finish covering with black paint the remaining design, paying attention when getting close to finished areas.
In all phases, a hard surface was used under the the front side of the T-shirt.
Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the paint label when finish painting.





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