Handmade Christmas Stockings

Handmade Christmas stockings made of printed paper and decorated with little bears.

Create these handmade Christmas stockings and place them on Christmas packages, decorate a corner of your home or just hang them on the tree.

Make larger printings and use bigger bears or embellishments to decorate a fireplace or a door. Use the handmade Christmas stockings as gift bags for the kids filled with small toys and sweeties.

Find all materials for the handmade Christmas stockings and more inspiration in the Buddly Crafts blog.

Materials used
Tools used

Craft knife, printer, glue, hot glue gun
Download the stockings file from the shop. Resize the stockings image a bit larger and create mirrored copies of them.

Handmade Christmas Stockings 1

Using a craft knife, cut the stockings images. Place glue around the cuttings, except from the top of it. Glue the two mirrored images together.

Handmade Christmas Stockings 2

As I find the stockings quite long for this project I cut the stockings decoration and glue it a bit lower. Using a pencil, form the opening to allow the placement of the bear.

Handmade Christmas Stockings 3

Place a bear in each stocking and decorate with ribbons, beads and other embellishments.

Handmade Christmas Stockings 4


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  1. […] Of course, if all you want will be to use the stockings as symbols in addition to not as actual containers for tiny gifts, you could just make some out of paper. Make them look authentic by choosing suitable prints in addition to colors in addition to by decorating them with tiny toys, ribbons in addition to different things. {found on thecraftsworld}. […]

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