Handmade Christmas Cards

Handmade Christmas cards can be embellished with many kinds of materials. But how about Iron on patches? Go beyond of covering a hole in a cloth by adding an iron on patch on handmade Christmas cards.

You can find all materials for the handmade Christmas cards in the Buddly Crafts blog with more inspiration.

For these handmade Christmas cards I used 3 different designs of Iron on pathes. You don’t need to iron them on the card, just glue them or use some repositional tape to make them useful afterwards for the person to be given to decorate a cloth!

Use iron on patches to decorate your Christmas cards.


Materials used
Tools used

Printer, glue, hot glue gun, craft knife

Hobby & Crafting Fun Compass Circle Cutter

Handmade Christmas cards – Penguin

Handmade Christmas Cards penguin
Heavily distress the front of the card with the paper soft color.

Handmade Christmas Cards 1

Download and print the patchwork background paper. Cut a square of 13x13cm (~5x5in). Using the circle cutter remove a 9cm diameter circle. Glue the square paper on the front of the card.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2

Place glue around the circle window and on the bottom of the square cutting.

Handmade Christmas Cards 3

Lay the ice crystals on the card. Remove the excess. I suggest to turn the card and press it on the ice crystals excess to secure them on the card. Let it aside to dry.

Handmade Christmas Cards 4

Glue the iron on patch and the burlap string. Continue with the rest of the embellishments.

Handmade Christmas Cards 5

Handmade Christmas Cards – Reindeer

Handmade Christmas Cards reindeer

For the reindeer patch, use the caramel soft paper color, open a square window 9x9cm on the background paper. Glue first the ribbon and then the ice crystals. Continue with the iron on patch, the burlap string and the rest of the embellishments.

Handmade Christmas Cards 6

Handmade Christmas Card – Santa Claus

Handmade Christmas Cards santa

For the Santa patch, keep the card white. Glue burlap string around the circle window and ice crystals around the background paper and drops of snow on the top.

Handmade Christmas Cards 7


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