Christmas card and pockets

Handmade Christmas cards with canvas pockets are an alternative way to send your wishes, place a gift card or just attach them on a gift this Christmas.

The pockets can be also used to decorate a corner or hang them on you Christmas tree as ornaments.

Materials used


Tools used

  • Hot glue gun
  • Vinyl glue
  • Scissors, craft knife, ruler

For the square pocket a 12x6in canvas piece is required. For the other two pockets 2 canvas pieces of 12×4.5in.



Create a stencil for the stripes. Mark in a heavy weight paper and cut in ¼ inch width stripes leaving ¼ inch gaps among them. Do not cut all the way to the edges of the paper. (alternatively you can use an acetate to create the stencil in order to reuse)


Place your stencil on the canvas and spray with the bold red mist or the green.

Fold in half the canvas and repeat on the other side.



Cut a triangle shaped tag from the Patchwork on Kraft paper. Set on the right side (or to the one)  that you will use the pocket opening. Hold it firmly on the canvas and punch holes on that side.



Start sewing with the black hemp rope  from where the pocket opening will be. When finished with that side, fold the canvas in half and glue the top and bottom edges. Now, punch some holes on the other side of the tag (the glued one) and sew. Tie a bow.



Cut a 4×5.5 piece from the damask paper and the relative tags from the rest papers. Cut a small piece of the burlap fringe. Glue them on the canvas. Use foam tape to raise the tags and create a better effect.



Place inside the pocket a white heavy paper distressed with some red ink and attach a damask paper to one side. Embellish with the studs, the corner and the rhinestones.



The red rectangular pocket has the opening on the top long side, so glue respectively. Cut 2 x 2in long pieces from the hunter green burlap fringe, fold and glue on right and left sides.



Cut a 3.5 x 5in long piece from the damask paper. Glue it and continue with the tag. Glue some rope around the tag and the embellishments of your choice.



The green striped pocket has the opening on the short side, while two holes are opened on the top left and right corners and some black rope is used to make it easy to hang it. All pockets can be altered to be hanged after.




Christmas card pocket square

Christmas card pocket vertical

Christmas card pocket detail

Christmas card and pockets


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