Handmade Bookmark

Handmade bookmark; a last minute gift for those that love reading. A metallic bookmark decorated with beads and snowflake charms and placed in a easy to make ribbon pocket, that works as a little gift bag and a place to store it when not in use.


Materials used


Tools used

  • Glue
  • Round nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife

Pass a jump ring on the bookmark and separate an 10 and a 7 ring chains from the main chain.



Use a pin to secure a glass bead in the center of the heart. Twist and secure on the short chain. Do the same twice with a glass bead and a spacer bead, place one of them on the middle of the same chain and the other one on the 10 rings chain. Place a jump ring on the snowflake. Secure everything on the bookmark jump ring.



Cut a 25cm long piece of the cotton ribbon. Mark about 4cm and 6cm from the edge. Cut vertically 1cm in the middle.



Fold the edge (1 – 2cm) and glue. Fold again an 6cm long part of the ribbon and glue on both long sides only.



Let the glue dry well. Place the bookmark in.

Fold the other side of the ribbon about to the point where the bookmark is. Pass a 12cm long cord in it. Roll the folded part with the cord in, placing glue on sides to secure it, up to the point where the bookmark is, creating a barrier to keep in the pocket.






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