Make a gold coloured charm decorated with tiny beads in light purple shades.

Find all the materials in Buddly Crafts




Cast the shape using the silicone mould and wait to dry before removing.


Paint with the gold colour paint.


Lay small dots of glue at the outer “wreath” avoiding the centre.


Sprinkle no hole beads and remove the excess. Repeat the previous and this step for better coverage.


Add a sequin to the centre.


Add some glue around the glass dome, place it on top of the sequin and add more glue. Sprinkle no hole beads around the dome and remove the excess. Let it dry.


Take a 8cm wire cutting wrap around a thick stick and twist the edges to make a hanger. Glue to the back with the jewellery glue and let it set. You can hang the charm on a gold coloured chain or combine cords and ribbon.


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