Decorate two filigree leaves with embossing glaze and gold colour beads to make a charm.


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  • Heat tool
  • Pliers


Cover two leaves on their back side with the VersaMarker. Cover with the Tim Holtz embossing glaze and heat set. Repeat covering with glaze while the glaze is still warm to make a thicker layer (especially to the one of the two leaves in order to fully cover the holes this will be the one attached on the top).


Cut about 15cm long pieces of the jewellery thread, make a knot on the end of each of one, and pass tube beads. Make five of them and tie all together to secure them.


Continue by attaching the beaded threads on the leaf that will be used on the back side (right one on the final photo). Add small beads with the jewellery glue.


Glue the two leaves together with the glue and pass a jump ring and a chain.


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