Transform spun cotton balls into faux stone beads with ALL PURPOSE ink and make a necklace. Alter it to your colour preferences by combining different colour beads available in store.


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Knorr Prandell Hole Piercing Tool #397




Paint the spun cotton balls with the Tropical Lagoon colour. Let them dry well.


Piece the spun cotton balls side to side.


Cut two 25cm long pieces of the clear jewellery thread and tie a jump ring to one side of each.


Start passing beads having a tube bead, a rocaille bead, a round bead, a rocaille bead, a tube bead and sequin with that order. The sequin’s curved side will be used a bead cap, followed by a spun cotton ball or a large pearl bead.


Repeat the order backwards to continue after a large bead is used and finish with a jump ring again at the end. The total length for the necklace here is about 20cm long each side.


Paint a wooden ring with the gold paint.


Tie a tassel on the wooden ring and pass jump rings to secure the previous made bead strings. Finish by adding chain and clasps to the desired length of the necklace.

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