Make concrete look decorative houses to share some love. The houses can be used as small containers for artificial flowers or pens/pencils if a bottom part is used; or add some battery operated lights string to place on shelf.


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Tools used

  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue
  • Glue
  • Palette knife



Cut 2 piece of the book board that match the small and the large houses with the following dimension: 8cm x 15cm (height up to the roof side), 8cm x 10cm, 2cm x 10cm and 2cm x 6cm


Glue the pieces together forming the houses.


Cover them with the concrete look paste and let them dry.


Use the dark medium to cover the concrete paste, let it dry and finish with the glaze medium.


Cut in half one of the large greyboard textured heart.


Press the half greyboard heart on the VersaMark ink pad, cover with the red embossing powder and heat set.


Tear pieces of the paper pad with the red coral clouds pattern and glue it on the houses.


Use the stencil and the structure paste to distress parts of the surface.


Glue the heart and the bricks taken from it.


Distress the edges of the houses with the nocturne ink pad.


Press the tiny wooden houses on the VersaMark ink pad, cover with the silver embossing powder and heat set.


Add glue and decorate with the no hole beads and the rest of the embellishments


Glue the tiny wooden houses and one small heart, altered with the embossing powder as above.

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