Easter egg nest

Make a quick and easy nest to place Easter eggs and decorate your table or give to friends.


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Materials used


Tools used

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Cut 40cm long pieces from both of the cotton piping cords. Roll them on the Memento ink pads to colour them and let them dry well.


Cut a stripe 4x30cm of the jute fabric and hot glue the 7mm pipe cord in wave way.


Take the 4mm piping cord and just tie it around the jute stripe, a bit tight.


Cut a 4cm diameter circle from scrap cardstock or book board to use as a base.


Apply a good amount of hot glue on the paper base and fold the jute stripe in circular way over it to create a nest.


Decorate the nest with some lace on the top edge.


Cover the wooden bird tag with Viva Decor Inka gold.


Cut a 15cm long piece of the piping cord and colour over the ink pad. Tie a bow.


Glue the bird, the bow and the rest of the embellishment on the jute fabric nest.

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