Drops of love

Valentine’s day with two clear acrylic drop shapes filled with love. The shapes can be hanged all year around and look great in a bright corner of the house or somewhere close to a window that let the light go through them.


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Materials used


Tools used

  • Hot glue gun
  • Round nose pliers
  • Scissors


Cut about 10cm long wires and bend. Set the felt hearts on with some hot glue.


Curve the wires now and glue them to the bottom of one of the drops. Repeat with the arrow and the wing charm.


Cover the bottom (and the glue) with some Marabou feather sting, going around the wires. The excess feathers will fit well in the back side of the acrylic drop.


Make a bow with the hearts print grosgrain ribbon and glue on the top of the drop.


For the second drop, instead of hearts, use the bird charms and with the help of round nose pliers secure them onto the edge.


The birds should be facing each other when placed in the acrylic drop. The heart should be lower placed.


Instead of feathers, use the Icelandic moss to cover the glue edges.

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