Decoupage easter eggs

One of the most popular traditions for Easter is the decoration of eggs. Use tissue paper from Canvas Corp to cover styrofoam eggs and embellish them with burlap, ribbons and cameos. The decoupage Easter eggs is a very quick project to make that gives a stylish result.


Materials used

Canvas Corp – Tissuestock 12×12 – Damask on Ivory
Canvas Corp – Burlap Fringe – Aqua
Canvas Corp – Burlap Fringe – Hunter
Canvas Corp – Burlap Fringe – Red
Satin ribbons
Styrofoam eggs

Tools used

Hot glue gun


Cut the tissue paper into large pieces and glue on the styrofoam eggs. Try to adjust it in a way that patterns match nicely on the main surface of the egg.


Cut the burlap fringe in half at the long side; the steps need to be long enough to wrap around the middle of the egg.


Glue the burlap fringe on the eggs. If you want to add color on the eggs, do it before glueing the burlap fringe.


Add satin ribbons and cameos. Embellish further with other materials.

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